The antifungal nail treatment

If you have toenail fungus or fingernail fungus the Zeta clear anti-fungal solution will cure it. It's a fast working treatment for nail fungus and infected skin around and underneath the nails. In clinical studies, Zeta clear was found to be six times more effective than other nail fungus treatments. The naturally powerful ingredients are what makes this treatment so effective.

One of the ingredients of Zeta clear is Clove oil. This oil is known to be anti-fungal and antiseptic due a very high presence of the organic compound Eugenol. Studies have shown that Eugenol inhibits the growth of different kinds of fungi. Zeta clear also contains Almond oil. This oil is mild on the skin so it's used as a carrier oil for other stronger ingredients like tee tree oil. Almond oil is soothing and moisturising because it contains healthy fats…

...It's also nourishing for the skin because it contains vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, and zinc. Another Zeta clear ingredient is Lavender oil. This oil is very beneficial for the skin because it's high in vitamin A and E. Lavender oil is naturally anti-fungal because as it attacks the fungus cell membrane. It's also anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E oil is another ingredient in Zeta clear. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant. Because of this, vitamin E assists in the healing and regeneration of healthy nails.

Zeta clear also contains Lemon grass oil. This oil has anti-fungal properties and it prevents the spread of fungus. Lemon grass oil dries out the nail, this is good because fungus needs moisture to survive and thrive. This oil also has antiseptic properties and it's nourishing for the skin and nails. Another ingredient is Sunflower seed oil. This is a carrier oil which means it serves as a base for other stronger ingredients such as Tee tree oil…

...Sunflower seed oil improves skin health as it contains healthy fats and vitamin E. Because of this, sunflower seed oil will repair any damaged tissues. It also has mild anti-fungal properties. The Zeta clear anti-fungal solution is a powerful treatment because the best ingredients have been combined into one convenient solution. Zeta clear is a good choice when it comes to getting rid of nail fungus. Click the link to read my full Zeta review.

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